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Our Vision

Our hard work every day is embedded in a larger context:

That of working to liberate Main Street from Wall Street through local artisan cheeses!

This vision, both bold and humble,
is rooted in a conviction that food connects us with many vital parts of our lives,
from ecology, to justice, to the political economy, to one another, to other species,
and that by embedding ourselves in place in sustainable ways,
each of these dimensions can become more vital.

As we work to renew “Main Street,” we are cognizant of how “Wall Street” has failed us.
Vibrant and lively local economies with local agriculture at the center can help
to usher in a new generative economy and bid farewell to outdated economic systems.
For example, we think:

Food should be a human right, not a commodity.

Corporate agribusiness should not be allowed to influence agricultural policy.

Agriculture should not be part of the World Trade Organization,
nor should food policy be determined by international trade policies,
but should be within the purview of domestic governments.

Wheel of cheese on a white plate

The following principles guide many of our decisions at Main Street Cheese:

Grass-Based Diet:
we plan to provide the goats plenty of access to pasture.
Though we need to wait for the studies on goats, it is probable that milk from grass-fed goats,
like grass-fed cattle, has significantly higher levels of
beneficial omega-3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid,
both related to heart health in humans.

Ecological restoration, carbon sequestration, and holistic livestock management:
we are working towards a rotational grazing plan to build the soil and sequester carbon.

Organic Feed (not 100% yet):
Mammary glands carry the greatest proportion of cumulative toxins, therefore, it is very important to eat dairy that is from animals that eat organic feed (for both goat and human health). Furthermore, organic feed production sequesters more carbon than conventional feed production practices do.
We are working towards a living wage for all who work on the farm.
Food Justice: food disparities should not fall along race and class lines, nor should our food system ignore the rights of mother earth.
Increased Local Self-Reliance and Food Security: the more food we produce locally, the more self-reliant our community becomes, the less dependent we are on food from far away, and thus the more food secure.
Food Sovereignty: Food sovereignty, as coined by peasant producers in the global south, is the notion that people can and should have the power to determine food policy—on the local, regional, and national level (as opposed to global trade rules dictating policy).




Main Street Cheese
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